Add some luxury to your wardrobe
Built For Man is dedicated to using only the very best fibers for our clothing.

100% Pima Cotton Shirts, Sweaters and T-Shirts
If you have not experienced the comfort of 100% Pima Cotton, we suggest you try one of our designs
and embrace the comfort and softness that only this fabric offers. Our Shirts, Sweaters and T-shirts
are made from the "King of Cottons".

100% Baby Alpaca Scarves, Hoodies, Unkus, Hand- and Arm Warmers
Our Scarves, Hoodies, Unkus, Hand- and Arm Warmers are the softest on earth, made exclusively from
Baby Alpaca fleece. Baby Alpaca fleece is gathered from a small section of a baby alpaca’s chest and
makes up less than 10% of its coat. The softness and warmth of baby alpaca is legendary — in ancient
times only Inca Royalty were privileged to wear garments made of baby alpaca.\

100% Genuine Leather 

Our unique Leather designs are made for the outlaw in you. Sophisticated yet simple, we believe that 

what you wear showcases your individuality and personal style. At Built For Man we love the magical 
splendor, softness, and comfort of Leather so much that we craft our Pants, Jackets and Suits only from 100% Genuine Leather.