• Ornaments 2 Giraffes
  • Ornaments 2 Giraffes
  • Ornaments 2 Giraffes

Ornaments 2 Giraffes


Mama and Baby Giraffe
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“This is not an ornament is an opportunity”

For this season we created the Giraffe Ornaments. They will be sold as a set of two, Mama and Baby, for 28 dollars all  proceeds of sales will go back to The Ornament Project. We encourage “build a herd”, and bring joy to the holiday season. 

Made in Nepal, finished all by hand  with love, in the molded felt technic, 100% all natural product.

Size approximate 10 inches high and 2.5 inches wide for Mama and Baby approximate 7 inches high and 1.5 inches wide.

Our Giraffes are all free delivery and are ready for new homes.

Note:  You can always send us your comments and request on order page when you checking out. 

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