Posted: Aug 21 2012

Gray Goes Black: Mark Lanegan Has No Dark Side. He Is All Dark.

Photo: Sam Lanegan

Style isn’t just a matter of clothing. A man’s style is comprised of the clothes he wears, the scent he carries, the product in his hair, the transportation he uses to get around, and the music he listens to. We’ve created a playlist of songs and artists that are ideal for men’s style.

Mark Lanegan has been a gritty force in smokey, alternative music for decades. Since 1985, Mr. Lanegan has brought his ragged, detached voice to the Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age, and Isobel Campbell,while maintaining a cult-favorite solo career. He has matching tattoos with Queens of the Stone Age bandmates Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri, and their soundman, “Hutch,” commemorating a disaster of a set at Germany's Rock am Ring festival. If we turn our attention to Mr. Lanegan's latest studio album, Blues Funeral, you will hear a manic side to the spacey alternative rocker. Specifically on the track, "Gray Goes Black."

Mr. Lanegan's moans are staggered by machine-gun tremolo guitar layers. The rhythm section chugs ahead, with a beat so precise it sounds robotic. The song is a feverish and frenzied vehicle carrying fatalistic lyrics.

Don't you turn off my radio

Please don't turn off my radio

Not with the rope still swinging

While eternity's mouth is singing

This single is an indication that Mark Lanegan is still tough, still morbid, and still kicking at the clouds with a noose around his neck.


Contributed by Tim Mechling

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