A Pilgrimage to Fashion Mecca

Posted: Jul 31 2012



It’s no secret that 5th avenue in New York City is a fashion mecca, and this week I joined the throng of thousands that rushed from store to store gawking at the endless rows of light summer couture and the first signs of fall clothing lines created by some of the greatest fashion minds currently working. Tourists and locals alike endlessly flowed from Gucci, to Salvatore Ferragamo, to Armani. Visitors paused only to snap photos in front of favorite brands. The clothing wasn’t the only awe inspiring aspect of 5th Avenue though. The storefronts, window displays, and merchandising were impeccable.  Louis Vuitton’s NYC flagship store recently collaborated with Yayoi Kusama to create a striking store front swathed in interlinking rivers of polka dots.

Nearby, Gucci’s window displays were understated yet elegant and unique. Golden dragonflies wind around perfectly styled mannequins. Gucci’s equally elegant fall line was displayed in the window. The line looks to be full of patterned navy blues, warm gold knits, and bold merlot. I was as near to heaven as I’ve ever been surrounded by the style conscious evading the oppressive New York summer.

Contributed by: Kort Havens

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  • Posted by Ricardo on August 17, 2012

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