Capitol Hill Block Party Music Festival

Posted: Jul 19 2012


What started as a scrappy, indie response to Bumbershoot has grown into cultural phenomenon. The Block Party was founded and organized by Jen Gapay in 1997, consisting of five bands and several Djs. The crowd numbered in the hundreds. Small as it was, Gapay and a handful of Seattle businesses saw potential in the event. 15 years later, 100 bands are on the bill. Headcount is just shy of 30,000 partiers. The party sprawls over three days. Capitol Hill Block Party has changed Seattle, and, in a wider scope, it has changed the world of independent music.

Built For Man will be covering the festival as a representation of Seattle art culture through our blog, Facebook page, and twitter. The Block Party is not just about music—there will be murals, digital media, a short film contest, and avant-garde cuisine. All aspects of the multi-dimensional event will be touched upon, granting you a comprehensive view of the Capitol Hill Block Party Experience.

Built For Man prepares to embark on a journey into the heart of Seattle's most essential celebration of art culture.

Contributing Writer: Tim Mechling

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