An Examination of Dating in the Emerald City

Posted: Jul 06 2012



                                                         THE SEATTLE FREEZE

An Examination of Dating in the Emerald City


The Seattle Freeze. If you’ve ever called the Emerald City home, you’ve heard the phrase. If you’ve ever tried dating here, you’ve most likely also experienced the phenomenon. The Seattle Freeze refers to popular belief that Seattleites are, in general, not friendly, socially aloof, and seemingly asexual, making it difficult to make friends and damn near impossible to get a date in this town. 


If you are a single guy trying to figure out the dating scene in Seattle, good luck. Hit up your favorite watering hole on a Saturday night and yes, you will likely find a room full of attractive girls/guys. You might be lucky enough to score a phone number, or maybe even have someone jump into the sack with you for a night of fun. But, then what? How do you get past that initial interaction? Can the Seattle Freeze be thawed? 


We’ve consulted a panel of Seattleites who consider themselves dating experts for our latest blog series, The Seattle Freeze: An examination of Dating in the Emerald City. Stay tuned for our first segment on how to break the ice.

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