BUILT FOR MAN of the Month: ALAN CASHMAN · Co-Founder @ LAB5 Fitness

Posted: Jun 05 2012


BUILT FOR MAN of the Month: ALAN CASHMAN · Co-Founder @ LAB5 Fitness

If your current workout routine has become decidedly lack-luster, Alan Cashman may have just the fix for you. Imagine sculpting your abs while hanging upside-down from the ceiling in a fabric sling. Intriguing, isn’t it? And the Aerial Conditioning class is just the tip of the iceberg. LAB5 Fitness, which Alan founded with his wife Bonnie, offers a plethora of unique and innovative fitness classes that are certain to pique your interest and get your heart pounding. Alan and his wife got hooked on these classes which center around the principles and methods of Pilates while on vacation, and made it their goal to bring a state of the art studio into their hometown of Seattle.

“We wanted the chance to give something back to the community where we have lived for over forty years. It was important to us to provide a unique culture to the Seattle fitness arena, but also to provide price points affordable for anyone who was serious about getting quality overall workout.”

LAB5 Fitness opened its doors in April 2011, and has been helping Seattleites transform their bodies ever since. If you're ready to discover the allure of LAB5 Fitness, you can sign up for a FREE CLASS at here

A true trail-blazer in the Seattle fitness community, Alan Cashman is our Built For Man of the Month. 

GIG: Business

GIG PERK: Value and Relationships 

BOOK: Last fall my wife and I published a book with Brian Tracy and many other leading authorities titled “Pushing to the Front.”

ALBUM: Bee Gees Greatest Hits

FILM: The GodFather

RESTAURANT: Le Vallauirs, Palm Springs, CA

HOT SPOT: LAB5 Fitness

DRINK: Vodka up, no vermouth and a splash of Beefeaters gin with one olive and one onion.

GUILTY PLEASURE: My classic blue 1976 Mercedes 450 SEL

UNDERWEAR: Briefs not boxers

FETISH: Pilates reformer workouts

SECRET TALENT: Oil painting

GROOMING: My favorite haircutter and long time best friend Jay Wilson

ESSENTIAL WARDROBE ITEM: Great jeans and workout clothes

STYLE INFLUENCE: My gorgeous wife, Bonnie

FASHION FAUX PAS: No faux pas because of Bonnie.  She always looks out for me! 

STYLE MANTRA: Contemporary

BUILT FOR MAN MUST-HAVE PIECE: Suri Alpaca coat, but everything is so great!

WHY DO YOU LOVE FASHION? Because of my wife, she helps me to look good.

PLUG: LAB5 Fitness is located on Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA. The studio is designed for fun, high-energy workouts with a clean, stimulating and refreshing environment. We offer group and individual coaching, utilizing Pilates principles and methods, Barre, Yoga, TRX suspension training, Aerial Conditioning and the ever-amazing reformer.

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contributed by M. Humphrey

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