· Renaissance Man: Joseph H Pilates · 1883-1967 ·

Posted: May 30 2012

 Pilates Manifesto Project 

· Renaissance Man: Joseph H Pilates · 1883-1967 ·

Fashion and art revolve around one another. We tend to think that fashion always has to be clothing, and art has to be something that manifests itself in a material or entertaining way, such as a painting or violin performance. However, there is also the art of a Visionary. This is the type of artist that changes the world as we see it, by contributing something so remarkable that the passing of time doesn’t affect the pureness of his creation. These artists are extraordinary people.

Today we are celebrating the life of one of these visionaries, Joseph H. Pilates.  You might know him as the father of Pilates, the man that created all of those fancy moves that elongate your muscles and strengthen your core. I have fallen for the spell of Joseph H. Pilates. Practicing the art of Pilates at Lab5 Fitness, it is clear that his contribution to wellness is still alive and flourishing.

It’s remarkable to imagine Pilates teaching his methods to George Balanchine and Martha Graham. To invision a young Pilates teaching gymnastics and wrestling to his fellow inmates in a WWI internment camp is worthy of a Hollywood production.

His influence on modern fitness is even more extraordinary when you know his story. Read more about the life of Joeseph H. Pilates here.

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