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Walk through the streets of Seattle on any sunny day and you’d swear the population quadrupled over night. As a typical pasty Seattleite, I love and appreciate the sun as much as the next guy. Unfortunately, when it comes to attaining and maintaining great skin, the thing that all women’s magazines seem to agree on, is the importance of protecting it from the sun.


Wait, wait… Haven’t we heard this somewhere before? (*See tip #4) We know, there’s no need to beat a dead horse, but we did learn some NEW and very helpful tips from the good people at Allure


According to Allure editor in chief, Linda Wells, it’s important to choose a sunscreen that is marked “broad-spectrum. This means it will protect against both UVB rays, which can burn the skin, and UVA rays which can cause cancer wrinkles. She also suggested popping an antioxidant supplement on days when you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, to give your sunscreen a little boost!

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