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5 things MEN can learn from women’s magazines

(without actually having to read a women’s magazine.)


When it comes to grooming, (most) men still have a lot to learn. Women, on the other hand, seem to have a natural knack for it. Contrary to popular belief, these sophisticated routines are not innately ingrained in them. They are learned over time, from exposure to the HUNDREDS of women’s magazines that litter their mailboxes and pack the grocery store stands. We couldn’t help but wonder if these magazines actually contained any earth-shattering advice, and if so, if they had any tips to offer the average guy. But let’s be honest, who has time actually sit down and read one of those things? You’re probably too busy, Lucky for you, we scavenged the likes of Cosmopolitan, Allure, Lucky, and Women’s Health Magazine so you wouldn’t have to. Here is what we came up with. Today’s edition: Secrets to having great skin.  The first of a series of 5 tips, count down with Loofah.


#5. Invest in a LOOFAH

Ever wonder how women manage to maintain that baby-soft skin? Their secret is simple, and it’s not hidden in that medicine cabinet full of exotic creams and lotions. Regularly exfoliating your face and body is the key gaining a soft, smooth complexion.


“Exfoliating removes damages to surface skin, revealing a fresher layer underneath and stimulating collagen production.”

-Amazing Skin at Any Age, Cosmopolitan Magazine


According to Women’s Health Magazine exfoliating can work wonders for all skin types. For those with oily skin, it will help unclog pores and control oil production. For those with dryer skin, it will minimize flakiness. Tip: For Dry skin-types, WHM suggests using a gentle scrub only once a week, to preserve the good oils in your skin.  




Contributed by M.Humphrey

photo credit, Christine Buffalow


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