A Meal Fit for an Alpha

Posted: Apr 10 2012


The Consummate Man-

By Miss Mann


A Meal Fit for an Alpha


With the focus turning to wolves this season, it’s only appropriate to compile a meal fit for an Alpha.  In the world of forests and mountain sides, wolves survive as carnivores but still find opportunities to consume less heavy foods like berries and eggs.  As for us, our daily lives take place on hardened surfaces and elevated spaces; however, despite our terrain, we should take a closer look at what the pack feeds on.

While we don’t depend on our own hunting skills for our nourishment, we can choose what type of meat we cook for dinner.  Elk, Moose, and Fish make up a large part of a wolf’s diet.  For many of us in coastal areas, fish has been a staple of our diets for years, but perhaps it’s time to diversify and look for beef alternates as well.  Specialty butcher shops and restaurants that highlight alternate and non-traditional fare can tune you in to Elk, Buffalo or even varieties of Duck.  The nutritional value of these types of proteins are generally leaner than the beef we consume regularly. In addition to these health benefits, you also find the earthy flavor that will enhance the experience of what Thoreau would call ‘eating deliberately’.

Want to awaken the wolf inside? Try this Meal Fit for an Alpha:

                    Mixed Green Salad with Blackberry Vinaigrette

                    Poached Egg in Fish Broth

 Peppercorn Crusted Filet of Bison with Roasted Root Vegetables

 Warm Mixed Berry Compote served over Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.  


While all of this may seem a bit rich or heavy for some, consider the notion of eating smaller meals throughout the day.  Wolves eat every four - five hours which translates into about 4 small meals a day for us.  As we have come to learn, this is a great way to keep that metabolism moving and will help us become as lean as the almighty wolf.

Recipes for this menu are available at www.theflavorfusionproject.com under the BFM Recipe tab.

Painting credit, Elias Vonck , Dutch painter circa, 1605-1652 Amsterdam




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