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Since I started this company in 2008, one of my greatest ambitions has been to create a line of Built For Man leather pants. The past year of business has been full of wonder and surprises for us; it has made me realize with hard work anything is possible. I decided that 2012 would be the year that I finally carry out my plans to bring leather to the forefront of fashion once again.

For our 2012-13 Fall/Winter Collection we looked around the globe to find a leather manufacturer that could not only help us create a beautiful product, but do it in a way that aligned with our values as a brand.

We found them in Pakistan.

I was excited to be working with a completely different part of the world than I ever had before. I wanted to show this small industry a new approach to garment making through fashion.

Securing a manufacturer was only the beginning; the true work began with the design. I wanted to rethink the way we see leather pants for men. I wanted to create a new dynamic and a new design, a design so distinct that it would become a true staple of the modern man’s wardrobe.

I am proud to say that the product we have developed is everything that I had hoped and imagined it would be. We chose to use lambskin because I wanted the pants to be soft to the touch, as well as flexible and comfortable while on. We cut them with a low-rise waist. It was important to me for them to have a younger feel and to be snug in all the right places. I personally don’t find much sexiness in pants that fall right above your hipbone or half way up your torso.

With 2012-13 Fall/Winter Collection, I wanted to bring back man glamour, it has been to far too long since we have seen this side of menswear.


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