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Posted: Feb 13 2012





By: Miss Mann


You Know Me, You Know Me Well

For most of us, a reverie of our past reveals successes as well as less-than-stellar moments. The common element in both of these experiences is the voice; the sound of someone you know giving you advice, recommending certain actions, and urging you to conquer. This voice, this female voice, hasn’t forgotten or abandoned you; it’s simply finding you in a new way.

My column, The Consummate Man, featured exclusively on the Built For Man site, is the go-to spot for info on smart eats, hosting events, and foodie perspectives you won’t find anywhere else.

Essentially, I am on a mission to fuse good men with good food. I’m tired of the belief that a real man is the one who can take down a whole pizza and eats burgers with multiple levels. As far as I know, those days have fallen by the wayside and a new man has taken a seat at our dinner table. Meet the Consummate Man. Insatiable in every aspect of his life, this hardworking and hard playing man deserves a meal that is as put together and refined as he is.

We have long heard that ‘clothes make the man’ and I agree with that. However, to truly make a man, we must start from the inside and work our way out. This is where I come in. I want men to put more effort into their food choices. Quesadillas, hot dogs, and cheese steaks are OK if you are happy with living in the realm of the mediocre, but know that these food choices won’t win over prospects that may be sitting at the very next table. The food you order can tell a lot about who you are. The same way shoes can reveal a multitude of sins, the contents of your plate can read like your high school diary.

A Consummate Man sits down for his meals and orders without pause; he knows what he wants. For lunch, his meal might consist of something light: fish, veggies, salad. Dinner is all about the fillet, lamb, bison; lean protein that pairs well with scotch, a shaken vodka martini, or even a robust bottle of red.

If you’re finicky when it comes to food, snap out of it. No one, and I mean no one, is interested in befriending or dating a man that is less than bold. Show people what you are really made of and eat properly, the consummate way.Consummate Men are already all around you. Join the ranks and ensure that your next meal is tailor-made to express power and assurance. Once the inside matches the outside, you’ll discover a new facet of yourself that will exude more swagger than anyone can handle.

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