An open letter from BUILT FOR MAN

Posted: Jan 16 2012



An open letter from BUILT FOR MAN


We want to thank all of our supporters for such a great run in 2011.  We are growing more as a brand with each passing year.  It’s amazing how things can happen if you let them.  Hard work and focus can set you on a course that you sometimes don’t have control over.  To drive a big ship you need a big engine, to drive a fashion brand you need some good talent. 


Thank you, to everyone, for helping make 2011 a successful year for the Built For Man brand.


Now it’s 2012. Wow, we made it. It is sure to be another amazing year in fashion.  Instead of recapping what we did in 2011, we want to kick off this year by looking at what is in the future for Built For Man, and share with you our new direction


Our philosophy remains the same, to create fashion that is stylish, sensual, and functional while practicing a commitment to social responsibility.


From The Loom Project:


This year we are re-thinking the way we see the scarf and the glove, revitalizing the shapes and the designs. Wait until you see our new gloves, they are over the top!  Unique and always comfortable, with the level of design that is expected from Built For Man. As always, the hand (i.e. the person that constructs the product) will be as important as the design.   


From Industry:


We are finally on our way to creating our first unique Built For Man pant line.  This year we promise to create the best pant collection ever.  Our knitted coats will be as stylish as ever, with a twist to man glamour. Yes, I said it! MAN GLAMOUR. Why not? After all, it’s a new year, part of the new 21st century.


From Built in Seattle:


Built In Seattle is still growing, and 2012 promises to be a big year for this line.  We are working alongside young local talent that have the drive and the ambition to make this the best year yet for Built in Seattle. 

More to come soon, for now, I promise we will be the best in what we do.



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