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Posted: Dec 02 2011

We all know that a little sprucing here and maybe even down there is an important part of achieving an overall tailored look. If you’ve recently found yourself considering a manscape makeover, you’re not alone. Men everywhere are leaving their grizzly pasts behind them, but for some of you hairier-folk, that old razor blade might not be cutting it. We sat down with Travis Powell aka The Waxing Diva from Salon DEWI in Seattle to get the skinny on waxing, and we told him not to sugarcoat it.

BFM: What are the main differences between waxing and other methods of hair removal?

TRAVIS: With waxing the results last four to six weeks, so you don’t see the 5 o’clock shadow the next day. Waxing will also help exfoliate all that nasty built up dead skin. With hair removal creams you are actually burning the hair and the skin – yikes!

BFM: Will waxing give me ingrown hairs?

TRAVIS: You can keep ingrown hairs to a minimum if you follow your waxer’s advice. Most salons carry products that can be applied to the waxed area, we also recommend that you exfoliate with gloves on a daily basis.

BFM: How much of your customer base is made up of men?

TRAVIS: Men make up about 40% of our clientele.

BFM: We’ve heard of a ladies Brazilian. Is there a men’s Brazilian? What does it entail?

TRAVIS: Yes, we will wax any part of the body (except of course the hair on your head) this includes nose hair, ears, fingers, toes, arms, backs, chests, behinders, and of course your man parts. They say that waxing can add a couple of inches, you be the judge. Get rid of the 70’s bush and uncover what is really happening down there!

BFM: Be honest, how painful is waxing?

TRAVIS: I will admit waxing isn’t pain-free, but take a couple of ibuprofen, skip coffee or caffeine a couple of hours before you come in and you’ll be fine.  We are very gentle and good at what we do.

BFM: What is your advice for a waxing virgin?

TRAVIS: My advise for a first timer is do your research, you want to make sure the person waxing you is “really good” at what they do - it really does make a difference. I’ve been waxing over a decade and let me tell you I have seen the results of a bad waxer!  Do your homework!

                                         **Wax not your weapon of choice? Real men tell us how they tame their beasts.


Nair puts up a great product, it’s easy and it works. I don’t want to deal with the sticky mess or the painful experience of waxing. With cream, there is no more razor burn or rough stubble to deal with. I love it. The only problem you might face is the burning sensation of keeping it on too long.  Fella’s take it from me, the last thing you want is a burning cream on your most sensitive body parts. My advice is to always follow the directions.”

-John, 34


“Simplicity is key for me. Shaving is by far the easiest method, after all every man has shaving cream and a razor right there in their medicine cabinet. I can do it myself in the privacy of my own bathroom. It is also the only method that is completely pain-free, which is important to me (especially for certain areas). I don’t want anything that’s going to burn or sting anywhere near my man-parts!” 

-Peter, 25

Contributed by: M. Humphrey

Photo by Richard Avedon



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  • Posted by Mehdi on February 18, 2012

    When I first heard about saigrung, I knew I had to try it out! I did my research, found the recipe, and watched a few youtube videos. The first batch that I made was terrible. The second time around I got it the right color and consistency. For me, it was very much painful! I used the sugar wax for my under arms and legs, it didn’t get it all and ended up shaving the rest. I have been sugar waxing off and on for about 4months now and for me, the more you do it, the better the results. My hair grows back less often and it comes back thinner. I will say that it takes some getting use to.

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