Back in Black

Posted: Nov 13 2011


It is common knowledge that black is a key factor in creating a well rounded wardrobe. Staples such as black slacks or a black suit are an easy way to say sophistication. But why is black so powerful? Why does it instantly take an outfit to a whole other level? Does it matter? What matters is that we are aware of the power there is in donning black and this power can be wielded in many different forms. From simple to sexy, black is will take you wherever you need to go. Like a childhood friend that is always there when you need them, black will jolt an outfit back into reality with a pair of handwarmers or the BFM’s luxe drawstring pants.

The real question is how does the absolute absence of color invoke such a cohesive spirit within the fashion world? This question may never be answered yet we will continue to be united in the dark world of black without real explanation. No other color, hue or highlight has this ability which is why black will always stand on top alone. We hope the choice pieces seen in these photos from Built for Man, on and off the runway, will help to summarily explain, through image alone, the business of black.

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