Built For Man

  • The Loom Project

    Wednesday Apr 04 2012

    I started Built For Man with a simple thought: if I was going to create a product, I wanted to help someone while doing it. From this idea, The Loom...

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  • An open letter from BUILT FOR MAN

    Friday Jan 06 2012

    An open letter from BUILT FOR MAN We want to thank all of our supporters for such a great run in 2011. We are growing more as a brand with...

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  • The Hand That Builds The Product

    Wednesday Aug 31 2011

    Most of the time, when we go to purchase clothing, we are more concerned with how the garment fits our body rather than “Who made this shirt and how does...

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  • Built For Man: Mission and Values

    Thursday Aug 25 2011

    Built For Man was created on the concept that clothing should be stylish, sensual, and functional while practicing a commitment to social responsibility. These guiding principals have led us to...

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