Built For Man


    Monday Aug 27 2012

          August may be drawing to a close and summer with it, but there are still sunny days ahead. We know how important sunblock is for protect against...

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  • Built for Man Likes: Versace

    Saturday Jul 28 2012

    As we showcase the Built for Man lifestyle, we are going to begin featuring global brands and companies that stand out in men’s fashion and culture. We will let you...

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  • A Glimpse At The Built For Man 2012-13 Fall/Winter Preview cont’d

    Thursday Mar 01 2012

    Twenty-four hours have now passed since Built For Man premiered their 2012-13 Fall/Winter Collection to a room packed full of chic Seattleites. The response has been overwhelmingly supportive. The venue:...

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  • A Glimpse Into The Built For Man 2012-13 Fall/Winter Collection Preview

    Friday Feb 17 2012

    I’m posted up in the Built For Man studio, with little more than 24 hours remaining until the first model steps onto the runway for the 2012-13 Fall/Winter preview. Models...

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  • The Consumate Man

    Sunday Feb 12 2012

    You Know Me, You Know Me Well By: Miss Mann For most of us, a reverie of our past reveals successes as well as less-than-stellar moments. The common element in...

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  • Built For Man of the Month: David Blackham

    Monday Jan 09 2012

    David Blackham knows style. As the President owner, and founder of David Lawrence, he’s been perfecting the wardrobes of Bellevue and Seattle city-dwellers for nearly 20 years. We hate to...

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  • An open letter from BUILT FOR MAN

    Friday Jan 06 2012

    An open letter from BUILT FOR MAN We want to thank all of our supporters for such a great run in 2011. We are growing more as a brand with...

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  • The Tuxedo Shirt for 2012

    Saturday Dec 24 2011

    Whether you are you are heading out to a party or cocktail bar; hosting an event; or staying in, the New Year is calling you to wear the ultra stylish Tuxedo Shirt. Easily paired...

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  • Dear Santa...

    Tuesday Dec 20 2011

    Dear Santa, I have been extremely good. As a boy, I remember walking the line all year long in order to maximize my Christmas take. No spitting, hitting or talking...

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  • A Coat Fit for the Season

    Thursday Nov 10 2011

    The creation of style has many steps but the most vital may be the acquiring of essential pieces for each season and Built for Man's coats will be on every man’s Christmas list this year. Peruvian made from...

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  • In the Name of Charity: Bellevue Club Fashion Show 2011

    Monday Oct 10 2011

    Last week, I had the privilege of attending my first event for Built for Man (BFM) as their newest Web Editor in Chief. The entire BFM tribe of stylists, PR people, and interns descended upon the...

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  • Clothes Make The Man

    Friday Aug 26 2011

    Mark Twain wrote “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” While clothes may make the man (especially BFM clothes!), they do not make a well-rounded,...

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