Posted: Aug 27 2012



August may be drawing to a close and summer with it, but there are still sunny days ahead. We know how important sunblock is for protect against UV rays, but don’t to forget UV protection for your eyes. UV rays can cause some painful and even slightly disfiguring health problems like cataracts and pterygium. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from oddly formed tissue growth but are also a necessary accessory to every man’s wardrobe.

You may have been sporting aviators or wayfarers for the last few years. You may have an emotional attachment to them even, but look around you on a sunny day. Nearly every other person around you will be wearing the same sunglasses. Branch out and be original with your eye wear. This is one small accessory that can make a large impact on your overall appearance. Tom Ford is one designer that has been making his mark even in eye wear. His collection of sunglasses draw inspiration from classic designs similar to the aviators he designed for Casino Royale’s James Bond. However, each design is modern, versatile, and uniquely Tom Ford. These glasses will add nicely to any outfit from a formal suit to trunks at the beach. If Tom Ford’s collection doesn’t appeal to you, take a look at the collections by Gant by Michael Bastian or Jack Spade as well. Whichever you choose, make your eye wear personal and unique. Stand out in that crowd of Ray-Bans and knock-offs year round.



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