Built For Man Likes: Grimes

Posted: Jul 24 2012

men's style blog, Grimes live in Seattle, Capitol Hill Block Party, Grimes on tourEvery boy needs a girl, every girl needs a girl, every boy needs a boy, and everyone needs Grimes.

Built for Man has fallen under the spell of Grimes. Is it her voice that echoes a new era of music, or is it something more that elevates us to a new sphere of music culture?  One thing is for certain, we are hooked. We might even be in love with our Built for Man Girlfriend.

She smiles at you sweetly. Doe eyes glisten from underneath cropped bangs. Her arms flow smoothly to her soft doll like voice. A strapless and elegant dress moves with her dancing body. You’re watching the music video for Grimes’s “Vanessa,” and you’ve fallen in love.

Grimes, born Claire Boucher, may be making a name for herself with her genre defying music, but she’s also a genre defying woman and a woman to love. Grimes delved into the underground music scene of Montreal while studying neuroscience at the prestigious McGill University. Her intelligence served her well in the music scene where she easily learned to manipulate synthesized sound and loop vocals to create songs that stay with you long after the track ends. She accomplished all of that while also modeling and floating down the Mississippi river on a homemade house boat with a copy of Huckleberry Finn in hand.

Just as her tracks feature entwined layers of vocals, Claire Boucher has fascinating layers that form a compelling and stunning woman. A man can easily and should dream of being with such a woman.

Contributed by: Kort Havens

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