An Examination of Dating in the Emerald City: Part Four

Posted: Jul 25 2012

dating in Seattle, Seattle Freeze, lying about age, men's style blogAn Examination of Dating in the Emerald City

In our last piece we explored some major dating faux pas' and heard from Jarrett who told us about his nightmare first date with a girl he met and her 2,00 dolls.

We understand that during the dating process there can be many misunderstandings or miscommunications. However, lying about one’s age seems to a fairly common “miscommunication”. Mioko, a native to Seattle, was approached in a grocery store by a decently attractive guy once. She agreed to go on a date with him but found out later that he had lied to her about his age. While you often catch people shaving a year or two off of their actual age, he told her that he was over ten years younger than his actual age! I’ll give the man credit for being able to pull off a convincing late twenties when he was actually in his forties.

Luckily, not all of Mioko’s dating experiences have involved a lying man. She credits her most successful dating experiences to match-making friends. We asked Mioko for any dating advice for those who find the Seattle Freeze a little too chilly. She said that “because Seattle is a large city, you get a huge mix of people from a lot of different places and backgrounds. Stay open minded and don’t be too picky when you first meet someone here”. She recommended giving someone a chance before you decide there is no future there.

Does lying about age qualify as a deal-breaker for you? Have you ever thought about lying about your own age?

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