Built for Man Likes: Versace

Posted: Jul 28 2012

modern gladiator, man glamour, Versace 2013 collection, tunicsAs we showcase the Built for Man lifestyle, we are going to begin featuring global brands and companies that stand out in men’s fashion and culture. We will let you know what they’re doing that has grabbed our attention. Today, we bring you Versace. The iconic line has been an industry leader for decades. They recently unveiled the 2013 Spring Summer line in Milan, and showed us once again why Versace is, well, Versace.

Versace’s theme for the show was ‘Modern Gladiator’. Perfectly quaffed models with chiseled Roman features showcased pieces like Versace’s new men’s underwear line, tunics, and bags. Built for Man introduced our winter tunic in a recent fashion show as well. However, the stand-out pieces from Versace were the bold modern gladiator belts. Versace recently posted a behind the scenes video to their YouTube channel and Facebook showing an interview with Donatella Versace in which she describes the inspiration for the modern gladiator as well as a lot of behind the scenes footage of the fashion show. You will have to wait until 2013 to purchase the line showcased at the Milan fashion show. Until then, you can find the fall/winter lines from both Built for Man and Versace soon at David Lawrence in Bellevue and Traffic Los Angeles.

Contributed By: Kort Havens

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