An Examination of Dating in the Emerald City: Part Three

Posted: Jul 15 2012

men's style blog, the seattle freeze, dating in Seattle, dating horror storiesAn Examination of Dating in the Emerald City: Part Three

Those games so many people play at the beginning may not always end tragically. Plenty of people make it past the beginning stages of making initial contact. However, jumping the hurdle of initial contact leads you to another hurdle: THE FIRST DATE. The first date can be a time for nervous butterflies or sheer dread depending on your past experiences. Jarrett told us about one of his first dates in Seattle.

“For my very first date in Seattle, I went to coffee with a girl to chat. Things went very well, and she asked me back to her place to watch a movie. So, I went. We walked up to her room, and, as it turns out, she owned about 2,000 dolls, all of which lined the walls of her room. I pretended like it wasn’t the weirdest thing I’d ever seen for fear that she may be an axe murderer. Needless to say, once I work up the courage to date again, any date that ends without me walking into an episode of ‘Hoarders’ and 4,000 fakes eyes staring at me, is a good date.”

Which is worse, spending a lot of time and effort on breaking the ice sometimes unsuccessfully or having a first date that sounds like a scene from a horror film?

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