An Examination of Dating in the Emerald City: Part Two

Posted: Jul 08 2012

dating in Seattle, The Seattle Freeze, men's style blog, Built For Man blogAn Examination of Dating in the Emerald City: Part Two

As we continue examining the Seattle Freeze, we’ve reached out to a few people who have come face to face with the enigmatic dating scene here. Our first bachelor has been in the city for only a short period of time but has already come face to face with the often chilly waters of Seattle’s dating culture.

He shared, “Not knowing a soul in the city, I began acclimating to dating in Seattle with a few coworkers during happy hours. There was no shortage of attractive people, and eye contact seemed easy to make and maintain. However, any attempt at verbal contact was often met with surprise or the connection ended quickly after that initial contact. Dating in Seattle instantly reminded me of Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea. You may have made that initial hook with some direct eye contact or an opening line, but you still have days ahead of you pulling the line in with some continued subtle contact and giving the line some slack with periods of little communication until you finally have a solid connection and can move forward. You may need to exercise caution otherwise you could snap the line or be dragged out to sea.” Is that it? Is that all we can hope for in a night out? We refuse to believe that this is the norm when it comes to dating.

What do you think? Is dating in Seattle this much of a hassle?

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