I Love Chocolate!

Posted: Jun 22 2012

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A Delicious Mantra

By: Miss Mann

Repeat after me, “I…LOVE…CHOCOLATE”. There is little use denying your longing for the kiss of this alluring and dark treat. The love affair with chocolate began in what seems to be another lifetime and has, unlike so many things, persevered and rediscovered itself by making its way into every culinary genre. Martinis, fried foods, dairy, and even fruit have happily married into the chocolate family and we have welcomed it with open arms. So why do we resist when offered a slice, cup, or wedge of anything chocolate? The answer is simple: GUILT… yet another ancient concept we are far too familiar with.

Luckily for the world of chocolate, and more importantly for us, there’s a solution; a happy and miraculous reason to consume the food of the gods and still sleep soundly at night.  Welcome to the world of Chocolate-Kahlua Mousse. The virtue of mousse is that it packs all the flavor punch of cakes and pies but it does so in a lighter and creamier manner.  No longer will you dread a visit to the gym because of a forbidden dessert. Chocolate-Kahlua Mouse serves as a double duty dessert that satisfies your sweet tooth and fits into most gastronomic lifestyles…without guilt or regret.

For recipes www.theflavorfusionproject.com

"Massacre of Innocents", 1763 by Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre

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