The Loom Project

Posted: Apr 04 2012

men's style blog, The Loom project, social responsibility, I started Built For Man with a simple thought: if I was going to create a product, I wanted to help someone while doing it. From this idea, The Loom Project was born. 

The philosophy is simple. Why not help rural communities from around the globe to reach the biggest economic community in the world? After six years of fostering free trade business partnerships, I am now, more than ever, convinced we can do it.

This year we are working with communities in Tarma, a small rural village in Peru. This community is known for it’s skilled knitters. We worked alongside them to bring our new glove and scarf designs to life. These Artisans helped us to create a product with a quality and craftsmanship that is truly exceptional. The accessories from our 2012-13 Fall/Winter line are as distinct as one would expect from Built For Man, 100% baby alpaca yarn, and completely handmade.

Built For Man knits, baby alpaca scarf, baby alpaca gloves, The Loom Project

As a brand, it is important for us to continue our on quest of creating socially responsible fashion. We challenge you, as a consumer, to continue to examine the enormous economic and ecological impact that the fashion industry has on the world. Next time you are making a purchase, stop and think about where the money you are spending on your wardrobe is going.  Who is your money going to benefit? What is the economic and social-political situation of those whose hand actually made the product?

At Built For Man, we can tell you exactly how the money  you are spending is being utilized, because we are personally connected to those who help create our products. We are setting forth on a mission to make this a precedent within the fashion industry.



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