A Glimpse Into The Built For Man 2012-13 Fall/Winter Collection Preview

Posted: Feb 17 2012

Style blog, Leather Pants, Men's Style, Built For Man fashion showI’m posted up in the Built For Man studio, with little more than 24 hours remaining until the first model steps onto the runway for the 2012-13 Fall/Winter preview. Models are pouring through the door to be fitted for their perspective looks. Everything is fast-paced and happening at once, if there is such a thing as organized chaos, this is it. There is a mild hysteria in the air that comes with knowing that a full years worth of work is about to culminate. I’m already on my third cup of coffee, and I can hardly contain my own excitement.

Built For Man’s Creative Director Francisco Hernandez believes that tomorrow’s presentation will showcase the best work of his life, and I believe him. From where I’m sitting (in a room surrounded by beautiful knitted sweaters, amazing woven accessories, and half naked men) it would be difficult not to. When I ask him what he is looking forward to most about tomorrow a bright smile comes over his face.

“The clothes, the music, the venue, our guests, our supporters! Our guys look first class. I’m a little bit nervous because I’m putting myself on the line, but I’m incredibly confident about our presentation.”

This does not mean the days leading up to now have been without drama. As we discussed tomorrow’s show over coffee earlier this morning, an overwhelming sense of relief came over Francisco when his doorbell rang. I never thought someone could be so happy to see a UPS man. The colossal box contained his leather pants. Not just any leather pants, these are beautiful, lambskin, sexy, rock-star leather masterpieces. This integral part of tomorrow’s presentation had been held up in customs for FIVE DAYS on their way home from Pakistan. That’s right, Pakistan.  Arriving from nearly halfway around the world, they made it just in the nick of time. I couldn’t believe that Francisco had held onto any semblance of calm with so much at stake. He assured me that situations such as this will continue to unfold, and we will continue to tackle them one by one. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, and seeing what unfolds at the Built For Man 2012-13 Fall/Winter Collection preview.

To be continued…

Contributed by: M. Humphrey

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