The Tuxedo Shirt for 2012

Posted: Dec 24 2011

Built For Man Tuxedo Shirt, pima cotton tuxedo shirt, stylish tuxedo shirt, Seattle designerWhether you are you are heading out to a party or cocktail bar; hosting an event; or staying in, the New Year is calling you to wear the ultra stylish Tuxedo Shirt. Easily paired with a variety of pieces from tailored pants to designer jeans, the Tuxedo Shirt has found its way into being fit for every occasion. With its sleek sophistication, it manages to offer the casual appeal suitable for day and evening.

Boasting a tight collar and different variations of fabric detail down the front, these elements truly set this piece apart in your wardrobe. They have been spotted all over the globe as people resolve to clean up their act in the new year and that includes what we are wearing. We have also resolved to have fun despite the circumstances of the economic world around us. We must still dress the part. The formality of the Tuxedo Shirt defines us as seriously chic yet willing to have a good time. Wear one tonight or purchase one to get a start jump start on your style for the New Year.

Happy New Year. We wish you a healthy & stylish 2012.

The Built for Man Tribe

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