Built for Man of the Month: Olivier Wevers

Posted: Oct 05 2011

style blog, Built For Man of the Month, menswear, mens style blogAt Built For Man, we strive to represent smart and sophisticated style with a conscience. Each month, the BFM Blog will feature a man that epitomizes and embodies these traits; someone that we think YOU should get to know.

This month, we salute Olivier Wevers, Choreographer and Artistic Director at Seattle dance company Whim W’Him. As an artist and an innovator, Olivier uses his creative fervor for dance to infuse originality into a medium that has been practiced since the beginning of time. He was recently selected as a recipient of the prestigious 2011 Princess Grace Choreography Fellowship, which is awarded to choreographers who distinguish themselves as leaders and trend-creators in their discipline. Off the dance floor, Olivier distinguishes himself with his decidedly un-Seattle-like style, incorporating colorful and quirky pieces with classic staples.

We had the privilege of sitting down for a quick interview with this avant-garde talent. Here’s what we found out about the man behind the moves.

NAME: Olivier Wevers

GIG: Choreographer/Artistic Director

GIG PERK: I get to be creative in everything that I do.

BOOK: "Hedda Gabler" by Ibsen (Might be an inspiration for a future project?)

ALBUM: Adele

FILM: Dancer in the Dark

RESTAURANT: Senor Moose Café in Seattle

DRINK: Bloody Mary - it's like a meal in a drink


UNDERWEAR: Supportive yet comfortable

FETISH: Sickle Pickle - you'll have to ask one of my dancers to demonstrate!

GROOMING: My face is always a priority



FASHION FAUX PAS: Sloppy, dirty or smelly

STYLE MANTRA: Feel good!

BUILT FOR MAN MUST-HAVE PIECE: The baby Alpaca black cardigan. I’m so happy it is getting colder so I can wear it, and I might just end up living in it!

PLUG: If you are interested in future Whim W’him performances, or if you would like to make a charitable donation to a developing artistic organization visit www.whimwhim.org.

Contributed by: M.Humphrey

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