Posted: Sep 02 2011

style blog, mens tunics, mens shirts, Built For ManBuilt For Man’s designer, Francisco Hernandez, thought up the idea of tunic tees and tunic sweats while contemplating new ways of keeping the lower halves of men’s bodies warm. He drew upon the historical tunic, which is one of the world’s oldest garments, worn by ancient Greeks and Roman Senators throughout medieval times and is still relevant today. Even though tunics are uncommon in most United States men’s wardrobe closets, tunics are still worn by men in India and the Middle East (called the kurta), and regions of Africa (the dashiki). The closest common relative of the tunic in the United States today would be athletic jerseys.

Built For Man has updated this versatile garment for today’s man in the form of lux tunic tees and tunic sweats. Both tunic tees and tunic sweats are cut longer than a tradition tunic. The tunic tee has a body-conscious fit while the tunic sweat has a looser fit and sports a fashionable tie-collar.

Both garments are made for the active man who wishes to be subtly stylish, comfortable, and stand out in a crowd in an understated manner. Both garments look great ‘rouched’ with a pair of skinny or straight-leg jeans or dressed up with a pair of well-tailored slacks.

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