Why Is There A 'Built For Man'?

Posted: Aug 26 2011

style blog, Built For Man, Francisco Hernandez, made in PeruBuilt For Man founder Francisco Hernandez is a world traveler, and during his time in rural Peru he was touched by the kindness and gentleness of the people there, especially as the spirit of the native people had always shown through despite difficult circumstances.

Upon his return to the United States, Francisco could not forget about the people he met in South America and acted to positively impact their lives. Hernandez found it logical that bringing the finest products offered by the Peruvian people to the United States for Americans to enjoy would improve their economy and, in turn, improve their lives.

Thus, ‘Built For Man’ was launched. James Laver wrote "Clothes are never a frivolity: they always mean something", and in this case, the beautiful fabrics, clothing, and accessories made by the people of Peru mean that we are building a  better world. When you purchase a Built for Man product, not only are you acquiring a beautiful garment, you are also positively impacting lives thousands of miles away.

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