Built For Man: Mission and Values

Posted: Aug 25 2011

style blog, Built For Man, Francisco Hernandez, The Loom ProjectBuilt For Man was created on the concept that clothing should be stylish, sensual, and functional while practicing a commitment to social responsibility. These guiding principals have led us to producing garments that are not only wearable and practical, they are also manufactured with compassion under humane conditions. These values are followed from design to distribution.

We are inspired by the fiber, employing the most luxurious natural materials and selecting the finest yarns and textiles on the market - baby alpaca, pima cotton, silk, and wool flannel.

The Built for Man Collection is comprised of three lines:
1) ‘The Loom Project' (fair trade and social outreach)
2) 'Industry' (ethical production of garments)
3) 'Built in Seattle' (commitment to local community)

How We Build
Built For Man strives to produce high-quality garments and is committed to educating consumers about the people who produce them. Wherever possible, we employ artisans in Peruvian villages as part of 'The Loom Project' which comprises our woven accessories. Built For Man supplies the yarns and contributes a portion of the looms, allowing the workers to create micro-industries and sustaining ancient weaving techniques. The sales of these items provides the weavers with a family income and brighter future opportunities.

·         Francisco Hernandez Voted 'Best Designer', 425 Magazine, July 2011 Issue
·         Built For Man Voted No. 38, "100 Reasons to Love Seattle", Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, July 2010 Issue

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